New Releases Report

Artist Album Genre Can? Local? Added
Panic LineI Had Fun... But I'm Ready To GoLoud07-Feb-2018
Bloom FilterBloom FilterLoud15-Jan-2018
Cold ShakesNo Way OutLoud15-Jan-2018
The MendozazTwo Days To Retirement (Digital)Loud14-Dec-2017
Dead QuietGrand RitesLoud13-Dec-2017
KlazoEmbarrassed Of LivingLoud13-Dec-2017
SIFTINGNot from HereLoud11-Dec-2017
Johnny Terrien and the Bad LieutenantsJohnny Terrien and the Bad LieutenantsLoud05-Dec-2017
LoopingWhen No One's ThereLoud28-Nov-2017
The O VoidsDataLoud25-Nov-2017