New Releases Report

Artist Album Genre Can? Local? Added
Abigail LapellGetawayRoots13-Aug-2019
Daughter Of The MoonSweetness In The ShadowsRoots08-Aug-2019
The Celtic Kitchen PartySociable!Roots03-Jul-2019
David NewlandNorthboundRoots25-Jun-2019
Richard Thompson13 RiversRoots24-Jun-2019
Paul MalysaI'm Country In The CityRoots21-Jun-2019
The W LoversThis Little TownRoots13-Jun-2019
Sandro PerriIn Another LifeRoots06-Jun-2019
Chopped LiverChopped LiverRoots05-Jun-2019
Genevieve RacetteNo Water, No FlowersRoots31-May-2019
Dry StickAnnualis NaturalisRoots28-May-2019
Gillian NicolaDried FlowersRoots24-May-2019
Caroline WilesLiving in the NowRoots24-May-2019